Apply themes to websites with OpenUserCSS!

After months in development, I finally decided to release OpenUserCSS! With it, you can install and upload themes for websites you like without any hassle. Visit! (


OpenUserCSS is a website that you can use to install themes into your browser. For example, after installing Stylus, you could go to, and make the Google search page dark. You can also upload your own creations onto the site, so that others can use it and give you feedback!

You’ll also find a community of wonderful people who are fond of CSS and writing themes to customize your online experience. In its current state, OpenUserCSS already allows you to install them into your browser (you need an extension like Stylus)

My goal with this project is to build a website that’s easy to use and supports a large collection of CSS, so that it can become the go-to site for people who are annoyed with the current state of any website and/or want to customize and optimize the daily workflow!

Please join me in this at and don’t forget to star the GitHub repository!